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Protect Your Rights With A Mechanic's Lien Or Removal Of A Lien

You may be a supplier, a subcontractor or a contractor in a construction or remodeling project and need help placing a mechanic's lien on a property. The Sells Law Firm, PLLC, is a valuable resource for individuals and legal entities in need of liens. With a properly timed mechanic's lien, you can protect your right to payment for goods or services.

You may be the property owner and find yourself caught in a payment dispute between entities that worked on your building project. When you discover you can be forced to pay for materials twice because your general contractor did not pay a supplier, you may rightfully decide to file a lawsuit to correct the non-payment issue.

I am Cory Sells, founder and owner of this Houston firm. I am familiar with all types of scenarios that trigger a need for mechanic's liens and breach of contract claims. As a former construction company owner and a career construction and real estate law attorney, I bring in-depth understanding and keen awareness of nonpayment disputes that may trigger liens — and legal remedies when lien waivers are needed.

Whatever your role in a Texas construction venture, you may need a lawyer's counsel to protect yourself financially and legally. I welcome the opportunity to evaluate your situation and provide the legal services you need to protect your rights and interests.

To Place A Lien Or Get A Lien Removed Through Litigation Or Other Methods

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